Hungry? Stop by the revamped cafeterias for pizza, hamburgers and hotdogs.

The steam lines are out and the glass walls have come down to reveal two familiar fast-food restaurants, Pizza Hut and A&W. The Raven Café at Central boasts new tabletops, booths, lighting and paint. The South campus cafeteria also features new seating, along with a new wall texture and upholstery.

“Our top priority is to manage the campus food service efficiently and effectively, and by doing so, provide a place for our students, faculty and staff to relax, relate and connect with themselves and others,” said Mary Johnson, food service manager at the South campus.

Cafeteria renovations were decided after surveys revealed students’ preference for an update of dining facilities. The project began early last year. Food quality and affordable pricing were the deciding factors that resulted in the selection of Pizza Hut and A&W.

“This is about brand recognition,” said Mark Escobedo, food service manager at Central. “These restaurants are known worldwide for their quality of food that’s also price sensitive.”

Menu items include a variety of popular single and combination pizzas, pastas, breadsticks, hamburgers, hot dogs, ice cream treats and floats.