Marketing office welcomes Joshua Wilson as graphics designer

Joshua Wilson

Joshua Wilson

The Marketing office recently welcomed Joshua Wilson as the department’s new senior graphics designer. Joshua grew up in Galveston and graduated from Ball High School.

“About half of my family still lives in Galveston, even after Ike,” he commented. “Even though we always lived close to the Seawall, I seldom went to the beach.”

That could be because Joshua’s world pretty much revolved around art. “I took just about every art class that they offered in high school,” he said.

He earned a BFA in graphic design from Sam Houston State University in Huntsville. “I didn’t change my major, not one time,” he remarked. “I knew exactly what I wanted once I got there, and I rode the wave until the end.”

While attending SHSU, Joshua worked as a graphic designer in the college’s recreational sports department. Before coming to San Jac, he was a graphic designer for a media company in Houston. “We worked on several publications (one local and two global), and developed marketing materials for a pair of trade shows,” he said.

Joshua currently lives in Texas City, but plans to soon move to Pasadena. “I like that Pasadena is close enough to Houston to partake in all the restaurants and entertainment, but without all the headaches of living in a huge city,” he commented.

For recreation and diversion, Joshua likes to take in a flick. “I don’t like to brag, but I consider myself a movie buff. New, old, whatever,” he said. “I research each one I see and fill myself with useless information. I try to go to the theater frequently (at least twice a month). I’m open to them all (except romantic comedies). I’m more of a sci-fi and drama fan.”

He also loves the Internet. “I’m don’t watch much television, but I read a lot of things on the Internet.” He also enjoys cooking, and (when he has time) reading, designing, drawing and painting (“I prefer oil”).

Joshua has quickly become a valuable part of the Marketing team and is really enjoying his job.

“No two days are ever alike. Each day presents a new challenge and I enjoy making all the pieces fall into place,” he said. “I get to interact with a variety of clients and I enjoy adapting my design style to fit their needs. I feel like the work I do is valuable. I’m helping spread the word to students, faculty, staff and local communities about all the positive things San Jac has to offer. It’s great being surrounded by a group of talented, passionate individuals. It’s cool.”