Celebrating a Season of Change

Keynote speaker for the seminar was Terry Stewart Mouchayleh.

Keynote speaker for the seminar was Terry Stewart Mouchayleh.

Administrative assistants and other support staff members from all three campuses gathered at the Central campus recently for “Celebrating a Season of Change,” a staff community day featuring break-out sessions, as well as plenty of delicious food and positive fellowship.

Chancellor Dr. Brenda Hellyer welcomed everyone and expressed her sincere appreciation to employees for their continual dedication and hard work.

Keynote speaker Terry Stewart Mouchayleh, Austin Community College’s director of professional development and evaluation programs, gave a very informative presentation about making the most of generational differences.

Following a delicious barbecue lunch, employees chose which break-out sessions to attend – some of which were instructional, and some of which were entertaining. Sessions and their presenters included Social networking (Chris Duke and Sherry Nixon); Ancestry online (Martha Sells); Wellness on the Web (Linda Pennington and Detra Merino); Avatar, Internal Website, Atomic Learning (Tom Cortez); Outlook tips and techniques (Linda Pennington); Nutrition and fitness (Fitz Koehler); Line dancing (Red Draper); Arm and hand massage (Cosmetology department); Holiday safety and self defense (Robyn Ring); Holiday cooking (Leonard Pringle); Generational bias (Mouchayleh); Leadership and teamwork (Christina Cardenas); How have I changed (Gloria Butler); Your attitude and your success (Connie Taylor); Finding a balance (Clare Zaborowski); Matters of the mind (Pam Campbell); and Skills and values (Scott Furtwengler).

The staff community day was planned and organized by members of the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, which includes Ann Tate, Martha Robertson, Jeanie Wright, Donna Cubstead, and Elizabeth Romero. The San Jacinto College Staff Organization officers — which includes Jeff Wylin, Nancy McShane, and Charlene Moore — also helped to plan and organize the seminar.

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