Kaye has the ‘write’ stuff

Kaye Moon Winters

Kaye Moon Winters

Kaye Moon Winters, advisor/recruiter for nontraditional students at the Central campus, recently had an essay published in an anthology produced by the National Association of Student Personnel Administrators.

The essay, entitled “The Blessing,” tells the story of how Kaye offered hope and encouragement to a nontraditional female student (older than 25) who had many reservations about attending college due to her age, and because of issues she had as an abuse victim. The student enrolled at San Jacinto College, which led to her successfully becoming a Certified Nurse’s Assistant. “I needed somebody like you,” she told Kaye. “Somebody to reach out to me and hand me hope. You are a blessing. This college is a blessing.”

Through the experience, Kaye says she began to see what blessings she enjoyed regularly as a student affairs professional. “The work I do has the power to change lives, and when this miracle occurs, my life is changed for the better, too,” she said.

Kaye is the founder of the Central campus’ “Never Too Late” (N2L) student organization, a club that provides social networking for people who are 25 and older, while helping them to adjust to the academic rigors of college life. Kaye also recently launched a similar Spanish language student club called “Nunca es Muy Tarde” that provides support to nontraditional Hispanic students who enroll at San Jacinto College.

Congratulations Kaye, and keep up the good work!