One or more of my classes are missing in Blackboard. What's going on?

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Students who are registered through San Jacinto College for an online course are not required to register for the course through Blackboard. Once a student has successfully registered and paid for a course, it will automatically be added to the student’s roster in Blackboard Learn 9.1.
Courses may not appear in the My Courses module in Blackboard for a few reasons:

  • The instructor has not yet published the course for student view (most common reason).
  • The student has not yet successfully registered and paid for the course.
  • There may be an issue with the student’s enrollment.
  • The student may have a hold on his/her record.

If you are registered for a course, but it is still not displaying in Blackboard, please contact your instructor for assistance. The instructor will be able to tell you if the course has been published for student view or when to expect it to become available for access.
If the instructor reports that the course is published for student view, but you are still unable to see it, please contact any campus Enrollment Services office for assistance. An Enrollment Specialist can review your account to ensure that you have not been dropped from the course and that there are no holds or blocks that may be preventing you from accessing the course in Blackboard.
If, after verifying that the course is published and determining there are no holds or blocks on your record, you are still experiencing difficulties accessing the course, please submit a request to Tech Support at 281-998-6137 or for further assistance. One of our analysts can review your account to determine the issue and have it corrected.