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San Jacinto College utilizes VoIP (Voice-over Internet Protocol) technology for it’s telephone system, which provides telephone service over the SJC Network instead of over traditional phone lines. While similar to traditional telephone service, VoIP provides additional benefits; such as making/receiving calls via a computer, accessing voicemail via the web/email, and improved call center capabilities.

About the SJC Telephone System | Requesting a Telephone | Available Telephone Accessories | Documentation & How To’s

About the SJC Telephone System

San Jacinto College’s telephone system utilizes Voice-over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) provides telephone service over the San Jac network instead of over traditional phone lines. This allows users to make and receive calls from anywhere on-campus where they have a wired Internet connection. Other features include a Web interface for voicemail, conferencing capabilities, and call forwarding/transfer to local numbers.
The College currently utilizes three model telephones that are distributed among employees:
9620L Model: standard employee issued phone.
User Manual

9620 9620

9650 Model: issued to deans, administrative assistants, the call center, and the help desk.
User Manual

9650 9650

9670 Model: issued to executives.
User Manual

9670 9670

Requesting a Telephone

In the event an employee needs a new telephone; whether it be for a new employee or due to relocation, the supervisor should submit a request to Tech Support at 281-998-6137 or via email at so that a service ticket can be initiated. When submitting the request, the following information will need to be provided:

  • Requester’s Name
  • Requester’s Contact Information (phone, email, and location)
  • Is this for a new employee or a relocating employee?
  • Employee Information (name, G#, and location)
  • Is a new extension needed? If not, what extension will be used?
  • What, if any, extensions should this phone have access to?
  • What features are needed? (Voicemail, Intercom, Call Pick Up, etc.)

Available Telephone Accessories

San Jacinto College employees are welcome to purchase additional accessories for their VoIP telephone. Items available include corded headsets, wireless headsets, longer handset cables, and wall mount kits.
ITS has gathered a list of approved accessories that employees can choose from. To view the list, please visit the Available Telephone Accessories page. If you are interested in purchasing accessories for your VoIP telephone, please submit a service request to Tech Support at or online at Tech Support Online.

Documentation & How To’s

A number of options are available to employees on the use of each model telephone provided at the College. These options are: