Security threats are everywhere. The threats we are focusing on this time are the inadvertently installed applications known as adware, spyware, and malware. If you use a computer that has access to the Internet then you are vulnerable to get …

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Did you ever take a picture or find a picture online that you wish you could use for a brochure, newsletter, album, etc. but wished you could remove the background image? Office 2010 brings a new feature available with most …

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One of the great things about Tech Support Online (TSO) is the capability to obtain feedback from employees and students regarding the content provided. Within each how-to document, there is a section available that allows users to report whether or …

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A computer’s name is a unique identifier that is given to each computer on our network. Computer names are extremely helpful to our techs when tickets are submitted to install or troubleshoot peripherals, software, and hardware. Below are instructions on …

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With the upcoming release of Office 2010 on office computers, here are some quick reference guides provided free of charge by, that will help you get acquainted with this upgrade to our Office Suite.

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San Jacinto College offers employees a wide range of technology resources to mediate and facilitate instruction. The Technology Resources Orientation document (opens in a new window as a PDF) provides employees of San Jacinto College an overview of technology services provided …

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Following the network outage that occurred over the past week, many employees may have noticed an error message on their telephone displaying the following: This error typically occurs due to all VoIP telephones across the College attempting to reconnect to …

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