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ITS current supports about 500 software titles ranging from enterprise wide to individual single license software. Both ITS and ETS currently manage and fund enterprise wide software licensing for both instructional and back office support software under College-wide licensing agreements.
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Our Service Levels

ITS provides varying levels of support for software applications utilized at San Jacinto College. The level of support provided for software applications is divided into the following:

  1. Software is approved, supplied, and fully supported by ITS.
  2. ITS may support installation of the software; however, technical support will be provided by a third party.
  3. A third party may be responsible for installation; however, ITS will provide technical support for the software.
  4. A third party may be responsible for installation and technical support of the software.
  5. Software is not supported or approved by ITS.

Policies & Guidelines

ITS has implemented several guidelines regarding software purchase and use at the College. These are:

    • Employees should not purchase any software prior to submitting a request to ITS.
    • Unless otherwise specified in provided licensing agreements, textbook software will not be installed in classrooms or campus labs. If faculty members anticipate utilizing textbook software in classrooms/labs, they should verify licensing before purchase.
    • Software requests must be received at least 90 days before the intended implementation date to ensure compatibility with SJC systems, approval, and installations are completed in a timely manner.
    • ITS will assist in the purchase of additional licenses if adequate licensing for approved software is not available.
    • ITS will support the current and one previous version of software on the Approved Software List.
    • ITS does not provide support for installed software applications that fall outside the software request process or for applications not listed on the Approved Software List.

Our Standards

Employees interested in a piece of software should first check to see if the application is listed on our Approved Software List. If available, the employee can request installation by submitting a request to the Tech Support Office at 281-998-6137 or In the event a piece of software is not on the Approved Software List, employees may submit a request for purchase and install.
The following process will be followed for requests for software not included on the Approved Software List. ITS will make every effort to complete requests for users as quickly as possible; however, please note that completion time may vary depending on the nature of the request and/or available resources.

    • Step 1: Compatibility Assessment
      Given hardware specifications, software will be assessed for compatibility with the SJC computing environment. If given a positive assessment, demonstration or test versions should be acquired for installation and testing. If given a negative assessment, ITS will work with the employee on an alternative software application that meets their needs.
    • Step 2: Testing
      Once test versions are received, software will be installed in the SJC environment for testing.
    • Step 3: Purchase Licensing & Media
      Given successful testing, the department will submit a requisition for licensing and media needed.
    • Step 4: Acquire Licensing & Media
      Given the purchase of licensing and media, copies of the software will be submitted to ITS for packaging and deployment.
    • Step 5: Packaging
      Given copies of licensing and media, ITS will package software applications for the deployment in the SJC network environment.
    • Step 6: Software Deployment
      Software will be deployed to computer(s) designated by employee.