New Employee Quick Start Guide

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At San Jacinto College, a number of technology resources are available for your use. To take advantage of what ITS has to offer, a few simple steps are needed to get you set up. Follow this quick guide to get started and prepared for your College tech needs!
Click here for a printable PDF version of the Quick Start Guide.

Step 1: Take a Look Around SOS

If you haven’t already, log into the SOS Login page at and get familiar with the layout and available information. Verify with your supervisor that you have access to all necessary tabs.

Step 2: Follow Up with Your Supervisor

Email, computer access, and network access isn’t set up until your supervisor submits the Network Access Email Request Form. Follow up with your supervisor to ensure the form has been submitted and to verify what access you should expect to receive. For example, what folders will you need access to on the G: Drive or what distributions lists will you access in Outlook?

Step 3: Tap into Training Resources

We have several resources that can answer questions, assist with technical issues or provide training on various areas at the College.

    • Tech Support Online: Find how-tos on software applications and answers to commonly asked technology questions.
    • Hoonuit: Available through Blackboard, this site provides video tutorials on a wide range of software applications.
    • Cornerstone: View and sign up for training sessions on products used at the College; such as Banner, Blackboard, or Microsoft Office.

Step 4: Familiarize & Verify

Once your account has been set up, do a quick run through to ensure your login is working and to ensure you have access to what you need:

    • Can you log into a computer? How about Blackboard and WebMail?
    • If accessing email on an assigned computer, open Microsoft Outlook and follow the prompts to configure email. Was it successful?
    • Are you able to view network drives; such as the G: Drive, P: Drive, and your H: Drive? If so, are you able to open the folders you need access to?
    • Do you have all software applications needed for your job position?

If you run into any issues or have any questions, feel free to contact the Tech Support Office for assistance. One of our analysts will assist you in getting everything set up.

Step 5: Keep Our Contact Info Handy

If you ever have any questions or need technical assistance with any of the computers or services at San Jacinto College, we’re here to help. With several support options available (see the left-hand column of this flyer), we are committed to providing courteous and prompt attention to each incoming request.

Our contact information is:

Phone: 281-998-6137