I'm a brand new student/employee. What's my username and password?

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All brand new students to San Jacinto College are required to set up their account before accessing a majority of systems provided by SJC; including SOS, Blackboard, and on-campus computer access. Please be aware that initial access is provided for SOS only. Access to your College email, Blackboard, and a campus computer is only provided after a student has registered/paid for a course.
The Account Claim Process is a system that allows students to obtain their student ID (G#), set up their security questions, and create a password for their account.
Once an account has been set up, a student can log into a variety of systems using the following credentials:
Username: Student ID (G#)
Password: Created during the Claim Process
For detailed instructions on how to set up your student account, please see
How to Set Up Your Student Account at San Jacinto College.


All new employees of San Jacinto College automatically receive a basic account upon their hire date; however, this account is limited to SOS access only.
NOTE: If you are not sure what your login credentials are for SOS, please contact Tech Support at 281-998-6137 for assistance. Upon verifying identity, one of our analysts can provide you with access to your SOS account.
In order to obtain access to the SJC network, as well as an official SJC e-mail account, the employee’s supervisor will need to submit the Network Access E-Mail Request Form to TechSupport@sjcd.eduĀ for processing. Once received, ITS staff will process the request and generate a full account for the new employee.
New accounts are typically generated within two business days upon receipt of the request. Once completed, the employee’s supervisor will be notified, at which time the employee is welcome to contact Tech Support for their login information.
If you are not sure if a network account has been requested for you or if you have not yet received confirmation that your account has been set up, please contact your supervisor for assistance. You can also contact Tech Support as our analysts can also provide you with a status update on the request.