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ITS provides a number of services for improved collaboration between employees and students. In addition to standard audio conferencing capabilities, we also provide support for video and web-based conferencing.Web broadcasting is also available for College events.In addition, employees and students may utilize Blackboard services to collaborate on course assignments and conduct lectures.
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Audio Conferencing

San Jacinto College’s telephone system comes equipped with audio conferencing methods available for employee use. Conferencing through the VoIP telephone system is designed to handle small scale conferences (6 participants maximum) in which audio only contact is sufficient. In order to use these services, employees must have a College issued telephone or polycom device available. Audio conferencing methods available are:

Built-In Conferencing Feature

This feature is automatically available for use and requires no set up time; however, employees are encouraged to test access and connection prior to the conference. For detailed instructions on how to set up a conference call, please see …

Meet-Me Conferencing

With this feature, users are provided a designated number and passcode that participants can call to connect to an audio conference. Employees must submit a request to Tech Support at 281-998-6137 or to have Meet-Me Conference enabled before use. Once created, an employee may distribute the phone number and passcode to participants.

Video Conferencing

Several rooms across the College come equipped with video conferencing capabilities designed for meetings and classes in which attendees are dispersed across the College. Connection to external sources (such as another college or university) is also available. Employees wishing to utilize this technology should ensure they have successfully reserved an available room by contacting the Campus Events Coordinator. Available rooms are:

ITV Room Video Connections

Each campus ITV Room is equipped with four plasma televisions for viewing; along with two video cameras (located above the TVs in the front and back of the room) and wall/ceiling mounted speakers and microphones. In addition, users have access to a document camera, computer, VCR, and connections for an external laptop.

Conference Room Connections

A number of conference rooms across the College contain necessary equipment to conduct video conferencing; such as a plasma television, video camera, speakers, and microphones. Connections are also available for connecting an external laptop for presentation purposes.

Employees may contact Tech Support at 281-998-6137 or to request training or set up assistance prior to a conference. Employees attempting to connect to an external source (such as another college) will need to contact the institution’s IT department for connection information.

Video/Web Broadcasting

San Jacinto College utilizes streaming technologies that deliver video content to remote locations, allowing potential attendees who are offsite to attend scheduled conferences or events. Using this service, viewers will be able to watch a live broadcast of the event through a dedicated web site from any location with internet access.
Employees who wish to broadcast a conference or event should submit their request to the Tech Support Office at 281-998-6137 or via email at In order to provide ample time for equipment placement and testing, requests should be submitted at least one week in advance.

Blackboard Collaborate

This service provides web conferencing capabilities for employees as well as students. Staff may use the service to conduct meetings via the web, while faculty may use it to conduct conferencing sessions with their students. Collaborate provides audio & video support, application sharing, chat, and access to tools such as whiteboards.
For more information on Collaborate, you may contact the Blackboard Support team at 281-542-2084 or via email at

Third-Party Conferencing Support

On occasion, employees may need to attend conferences hosted by external entities. These conferences typically utilize a third-party application or platform; such as WebEx, GoToMeeting, or Skype. ITS will provide limited support for external web conferences; however, connecting to and attending these conferences is the user’s responsibility.
Please be aware that not all third-party applications are supported at the College and may not be installed by ITS personnel. While ITS will be available to address connectivity issues, users will need to contact available support provided by the platform vendor for connection instructions and/or questions.