Voicemail Quick Tips

A majority of San Jacinto College employees are provided a voicemail box that can be used to send and retrieve messages from callers. The Avaya Voicemail System provides users a variety of options when managing their messages; including options to create, reply to, or forward messages and modify a variety of greetings.
Users can quickly and easily perform a number of voicemail functions; such as:

    • Forwarding a Message
      After you have listened to a message, select six “6” from the Message Options menu. If you wish to forward the message without a comment, select one “1” or you can select two “2” to include a comment for the forwarding party.
    • Review Message Information
      If you need to retrieve information about a voicemail, such as date/time received, telephone number, and length of message, select five “5” (Envelope Information) from the Message Options menu once you have listened to a message.
    • Create a Personalized Greeting
      At the main menu, select four “4” (Personal Configuration), followed by one “1” (Greetings). At the automated menu, select which greeting you would like to record. For example, you can select one “1” for your main personal greeting, two “2” for an extended absence greeting, or three “3” for an optional greeting.
    • Changing Your Password
      At the main menu, select four “4” (Personal Configuration). At the automated menu, select nine “9” (Change Password) and follow the prompts to change your current voicemail password.
    • Need to have a menu played back? Press zero “0” on your phone to have the current automated menu options repeated.
    • Selected the wrong option or need to back up? Press the star “*” key on your phone to back up to the previous menu. If you need to access the main menu, continue pressing star “*” until the automated system announces the main menu.
    • Don’t want to listen to a message in its entirety? Press 33 on your phone to skip to the end of a message and access Message Options where you can immediately forward, delete, or reply to the message.
    • Transfer a caller directly to someone else’s voicemail
      Press the “transfer” key on your phone and dial 6198. Press the star “*” key and then press the pound “#” key twice. Enter the desired extension number and then press the “transfer” key to complete the transfer.
    • Leave a voicemail for someone without ringing their phone
      Dial 6198 and once you hear the recording, immediately press the star “*” key and then the pound “#” key twice without pausing. Enter the extension number of the person you wish to leave a voicemail for. Ignore the prompt to transfer the caller and just wait a few seconds. When prompted to leave a message, begin speaking. When you have completed your message, hang up.

Did You Know that you can access your voicemail off-campus? Simply dial 281.998.6198 and follow the prompts to access your voicemail.


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