Kudos: Office Moves

From Kathy Roosa:
In the midst of all of the preparations that I know must come with registration and the beginning of a new semester, Larry Holley recently coordinated all of the technology involved in a move for the Academic Division. As you may know, the project entailed moving approximately ten faculty members, along with setting up technology for new faculty. Only one short meeting, and Larry understood our needs and ensured that everything was ready for the faculty with very little downtime. I especially appreciate the he was able to have the new faculty offices ready prior to their coming to campus. This helps us make a great impression on our new employees!
The Division truly appreciates Larry and everyone in his team who played a role in making this happen. Everyone involved was a pleasure to work with and demonstrated the college values, especially professionalism, collaboration, excellence and accountability. I especially commend Larry Holley for his leadership.
Kathryn Roosa
Dean of Liberal Arts
San Jacinto College, South Campus


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