Organization and Productivity with Microsoft OneNote 2010

Instructors and students have a lot to do during any given semester, so being able to organize information and complete tasks is crucial to success. Contained within the Microsoft Office Suite is an application called OneNote; which can allow a user to easily categorize data, keep track of daily activities, and record important notes or resources. In a college environment, instructors can use OneNote to capture ideas, projects, and lesson plans for each course they are teaching. Similarly, students can use it for each course they are taking to document lecture notes, assignments, and class information.
With OneNote, you can categorize your data in multiple levels with the use of Notebooks, Sections, and Pages. These levels provide you the means to create a customized platform that makes it easy to organize important information regarding each component you need to keep track of.

  • Notebook: Create an overall category
  • Section: Breakdown your category into individual sections
  • Pages: Breakdown your sections into more detailed areas

What You Can Store
One of the great things about OneNote is that you are not limited to the types of content you can store. In this day and age, particularly in educational environments, multiple formats are used to provide data, resources, and to engage various learning styles. With OneNote, you can easily keep track of available content in the form of text, images, screen clips, links, video, and audio format.

Tagging Notes
With tags, you can further categorize individual entries within pages. Tags allow you to flag notes for specific actions (such as priority and to do items) or as content types (such as music, books, or contacts). When you tag an item, a small icon is added next to the note to indicate it has been tagged. This can be extremely useful if an item within your content requires further action or is of greater importance than the rest of the content. You can even create your own custom tags to further personalize your notebook.

Another useful feature of OneNote is that it enhances collaboration and communication by providing multiple user access to a single Notebook. With this feature, several users can review and update content stored in a single, convenient location and changes are saved for all users to view. For instructors, this can be a handy tool, as they can easily collaborate with fellow instructors by sharing course tools and ideas. Students can also utilize this tool when working together on group projects and assignments.
As an instructor or a student, OneNote can make it extremely easy to stay organized and increase productivity by keeping all of your important information in one place. For more information on this application, visit Microsoft OneNote2010 on the web.


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