Insert YouTube Video in PowerPoint 2010

Have you ever been interested in adding a YouTube video to your PowerPoint? By following these simple instructions, you’ll be able to add videos in PowerPoint 2010.

  • Locate the slide you wish to add the YouTube video to.
  • Click on the Insert menu option.

  • Click on Video and choose Video from Web Site. A dialog box ‘Insert Video from Web Site’ will appear on your screen. (We will come back to this shortly)

  • Once you have located the YouTube video you wish to embed into PowerPoint, click on Share, followed by Embed, and then click ‘Use old embed code’

  • Copy the embedded code from the YouTube video.
  • Go ahead and paste this code into the ‘Insert Video from Web Site’ dialog box.

  • Click Insert
  • The YouTube video is now embedded on your PowerPoint slide. The size of the video can be adjusted to meet your needs.


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