Kudos: New Building/Room Upload to Banner Completed

From Dr. Braswell,
Thanks so much for taking up the slack and getting this completed!  Please extend my thanks to the other members of yhour teams.  Great working with you.
Dr. B
From: Pennington, Linda
Sent: Thursday, July 21, 2011 11:56 AM
To: Braswell, James; Hebert, Joseph; Spies, Don
Cc: Massey, Min; Heiser, Michael
Subject: New Building/Room Upload to Banner Completed
We are there!  We have completed the upload of the new building and room information into production Banner.
Please find attached the final, consolidated worksheet we used to load the data.  Also attached is an additional worksheet with room information that was NOT uploaded into Banner.  Once resolved, that room information should be manually entered into Banner by your staff.
We were working with and have uploaded a large amount of building and room data.  That said, the expectation is that there will likely need to be some manual corrections to the uploaded information in Banner.  It is my recommendation that you share that expectation with the Division Operations Managers on your campus when you provide them with the worksheet and engage them in assisting you to identify any issues that need to be manually corrected in Banner.
The Division Operations Managers on your campus can be of great assistance in validating classroom information such as room capacity, etc. to ensure everything is correct/corrected.  I would welcome any assistance they can provide to you.  This will benefit and allow them to begin the process of building their Spring 2012 class schedules in Banner.
If you add any new rooms (classrooms or offices) into Banner or if you find it necessary to make any changes in Banner to the information that was loaded with the worksheet, please make it a point to keep me apprised of those changes so that I can update one, consolidated worksheet.  I will be providing this information to other groups responsible for maintaining building and room information for other systems at the college.  These groups include Asset Management (names of computers/printers), TechSupport (heat ticket system), Infrastructure (Avaya phone database), Maintenance (TMA and other systems), etc.
If you will be providing any of the information in these worksheets to Ulrich, please let me know.
Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.
Thanks so much,
Linda G. Pennington


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