Kudos: Compliments

From Becky Martinez,
I tried to find a link on our homepage to say Thank You So much! for always being there to professionally and super efficiently take care of my issues with my computer and VoiP telephone. Whether you assist me on the phone, or you actually come to my office and ask me questions that I try to answer correctly, but I could not blame you if you giggle a little bit about my terminology versus the correct tech savvy terms.
Most recently, it was Jennifer Rodriguez who assisted me, but also Judy Chamlee, Dana Perrodin, Byron Marshall, Jason Oops Sorry I don’t know his last name. But I recognize all of you in the department.
Anyway, thank you all!
Becky Martinez
San Jacinto College North
5800 Uvalde Rd, Slovacek Student Center Room S107
Houston TX  77049-4599
fax: 281-459-7671


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