Microsoft Office 2010 Upgrade for Office Computers

San Jacinto College will be upgrading all employee computers to Microsoft Office 2010 from July 11 through July 28, 2011. The upgrades will be pushed out to computers overnight and will be conducted by building. A copy of the planned upgrade schedule can be obtained by clicking on: Office 2010 Upgrade Calendar. Be sure to log off your computer but leave it turned on for this upgrade. Reminders will be sent out prior to scheduled upgrade dates.
In the past, SJC has been able to install two versions of Microsoft Office on a machine but that is not possible with Microsoft Office 2010. If there is a reason that your job requires you to maintain Office 2007 at this time, complete the form, located in the link below, prior to the upgrade to request a delay.
FORM: Delay Installation of Office 2010
NOTE: Any machine that is not upgraded during July will be upgraded in October 2011.
Training is available in two ways for Office 2010 products:
1)      Employees can register for Microsoft Office 2010 classes through the Avatar system at If you don’t see a training class that fits your schedule fill out the Training Request Form and a trainer will contact you to discuss your needs.
2)      Short, just-in-time training videos can be viewed through Atomic Learning. To access this resource log into the SJC Blackboard system and select the Atomic Learning link in the Tools module on the left-hand side of the screen.
Frequently Asked Questions
1)      Why is Central Fine Arts not included on the schedule?
This building contains mostly Apple computers. Apples will be updated at a date to be determined in the future.
2)      Why is District not included on the schedule?
District personnel will be contacted by Jason Chan to coordinate upgrades to these computers.
3)      When can I get a copy of Office 2010 to load on my home computer?
Copies of the software are available to SJC employees through the Microsoft contract. A disc to install Office 2010 on your home computer can be checked out by contacting Tech Support by phone (x6137), email, or through Tech Support Online.
**Loan Agreement**
Software will be picked up, set up and returned by the SJC Employee borrowing the software.  Software must be returned within 7 days of checkout.  If you require assistance during the installation, please contact Tech Support.
4)      I am a 9-month employee and my computer is not currently on campus, how will my software be upgraded?
If your computer is not on campus for any reason you can contact TechSupport when you return to campus and ask them to have the software pushed out to your machine. They will work with you to schedule this process.
5)      Will I be able to open Office 2003 or Office 2007 documents when I have Office 2010?
Yes, you will be able to open these documents using Office 2010.
6)      I already have Office 2010 installed on my computer, will this cause a problem?
No, if you have a computer running Office 2010 there should not be any impact to your machine during this process.
7)      If I have a laptop and docking station will my computer need to be docked to receive the update?
Yes, your laptop will need to be docked and turned on for your computer to receive the update.
8)      How will my computer located at an extension center be updated?
Because this update will require you to bring your computer in for the upgrade we will plan to upgrade your computer when we go to Windows 7 in the fall. This is to minimize your downtime. If you would like to be upgraded prior to that time, contact TechSupport to schedule a time to bring in your computer for an upgrade.


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