What Is: Microsoft Excel 2007 Styles

Microsoft Excel contains formatted presets called Styles for your document or spreadsheet. They are an easy way to spruce up your spreadsheet in seconds.
Styles are located on the Home Ribbon in Microsoft Excel and contain three options you can use to customize your document.

  • Conditional Formatting allows you to select one or more cells and create rules that determine when and how those cells are formatted. You can set Excel to automatically modify the font, fill color, and border settings of a particular cell based on its contents or based on the contents of another cell. If the rules (conditions) that you specified are met, then the formatting is applied to the selected cells.
  • Format a Table allows you to modify the formatting of an entire table with just one click. To use this tool, simply highlight the range of cells in a spreadsheet, click on the Format a Table button, and select an available preset from the submenu. The formatting will then be applied to all cells you selected.
  • Cell Styles allows you to set additional formatting options to a cell or series of cells you selected. To use the Cell Styles in Excel, simply highlight the cell or cells you wish to modify, click on Cell Styles, and then choose from the available presets to apply.


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