Alert: New Phishing Attempt

SanJac Employees… You may receive a new phishing email today. As always, please delete these types of emails immediately and do NOT respond to them. Please refer to our “Avoiding phishing scams” note on Facebook for more information. The phishing e-mail currently being sent to the College is as follows:

Date: September 27, 2010 9:18:15 PM CDT

Dear Account Owner,

This message is from the Database INFORMATION SERVICES DIVISION Information Technology service from messaging center.

There is an on going changes/upgrading in your E-mail Account, please send us your

(1) E-mail ID:
(2) Username:
(3) password:
(4) Current password

to enter into our database operating system for upgrading in other to avoid your account be close.

Thanks for your understandng,
Director of Learning Resources.


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