The State of Texas Academic Resources link (STARLINK) was established by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) in 1989 to increase access to professional development activities among faculty throughout Texas. The STARLINK network currently provides over 200+ hours of professional development programming annually to 170 member colleges and universities in twenty-four states and Canada. Plus, through the U.S. Military and embassies training is provided n 22 countries around the world.

As an employee of San Jacinto College you have FREE access to this vast online resource. View hundreds of on-demand development seminars, training programs, teaching strategy modules, and other resources from your office. The process to setup an account takes only a few minutes and once complete will allow you to log in anytime to view videos from the STARLINK Showing or Library sections.

Use the link below to access the STARLINK BASICS site for more information on creating your STARLINK account.


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