EdTech Request Forms

EdTech teams offer a wide range of services to support your instructional, department or program needs. We created forms to help facilitate our regularly requested services.

How Do I Submit A Request to EdTech?

  1. Select the required form from the list below.  
  2. Download the form to your computer first and open with Adobe Acrobat.
  3. Complete form fields. Please be sure to proofread all information carefully.
  4. Include a digital signature on the form.
  5. Use the form’s submit but to email the completed form to identified point of contact.
  6. Expect to receive a response from EdTech within 24-48 business hours.

Blackboard Forms:

Send completed Blackboard related request forms to bbsupport@sjcd.edu.

Instructional Design Services

The Instructional Design Services team can provide support for course, instructional training, and instructional media development. To make a request, complete the form below and an individual will follow up upon receipt.


If you have a request, but do not see a related form,  send an email to edtech2@sjcd.edu and an individual will follow up upon receipt.

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