Accessible Adobe Acrobat (PDF) Content

Creating PDFs

When creating a PDF for your course, review the PDF for accessibility compliance. As with of file formats there are many considerations for meeting accessibility compliance.

Per the Adobe Acrobat user Guide, the process for creating an Accessible PDF may follow a certain workflow:

  • Consider accessibility before you convert a document to PDF.
  • As needed, add fillable form fields and descriptions, and set the tab order.
  • Add other accessibility features to the PDF.
  • Tag the PDF.
  • Evaluate the PDF and repair tagging problems.

Review the contents of Accessible Content Using Microsoft Office 365 for suggested best practices for creating an accessible file. To converts from an MS Office file to a PDF, visit the Create accessible PDFs page on the Microsoft Office website.

Adobe Acrobat  Accessibility Cheat Sheets

Using PDFs

If using a PDF found on the web or downloaded from an electronic source, be sure that the PDF is tagged. Tagging the PDF ensures that the files are viewable with a screen reader.

For instructions on how to tag a PDF, review the contents of Adobe Acrobat Accessibility page.

You may also view the following pages for help:

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Accessibility Checklist

For additional tips and download/print option view the  PDF Accessibility Checklist