Beginning of Semester Checklist

Prior to the first day of class, you may use the below checklist as a guide to set-up your Blackboard course sites. An electronic/printable version of the  checklist can be accessed via the following link: Beginning of Semester Checklist.

1. Make Sure Courses are Listed in Blackboard

Prior to the beginning of the semester, log into Blackboard to verify the courses you have been assigned in SOS are listed under the “My Courses” module of the Blackboard “My San Jac” welcome page. If a course is not listed in Blackboard, first contact your department chair to ensure you have been assigned the course in Banner/SOS. If you are the confirmed instructor of record and your Blackboard course site has still not appeared, contact Blackboard Support for additional help.

2. Compare Course Rosters

Compare your official course rosters, obtained through SOS, to the list of students in your Blackboard course sites, to be certain all students are correctly enrolled. Contact Blackboard Support if you find any students that are listed on the SOS roster but are not listed in the Blackboard course site.

3. Copy your Course Material

If you would like to reuse course materials from a previous semester, you can copy an old course site into the new course shell. For more information on how to complete a course copy, follow these instructions: Course Copy.

4. Blackboard Minimum Presence

Blackboard course sites are created for every instructional section offered by San Jacinto College as part of schedule creation. All faculty must maintain a minimum presence in the
Blackboard course site for each class that includes the following:

1. College-approved syllabus.

2. Faculty contact information.

3. Active use of the Grade Center to make students aware of their course progress. This includes submission of final grades via the Blackboard system.

4. Courses that include a common assignment will have the collection of selected assignments in Blackboard as required for assessment.

Faculty teaching online or online/classroom classes will make additional course content and assignments available as appropriate for the course and delivery method.

For more information on meeting the above component of the minimum expectation, please register for the following online trainings in Cornerstone, or contact your campus Instructional Designer:

1. BKBD 9091 – Blackboard: Getting Started

This module covers the following information: Combining course sites, San Jacinto College email, Blackboard technical requirements, accessing Blackboard, adding Faculty information, uploading a course syllabus, and making your course site available

2. BKBD 9084 – Blackboard: Setting up the Grade Center

This module is designed to prepare San Jacinto College faculty with the basics for setting up and configuring a course’s Grade Center. In this session you will actively learn how to set up grade categories, add grade columns, assign grade columns to a grade category, and weighting your grade categories in order to calculate the course average.

3.  BKBD 9095 – Blackboard: Using the Grade Center

This module is an introductory guide to prepare San Jacinto College faculty on how to navigate and use the Blackboard Grade Center. In this session you will actively learn the grade center icons, how to show/hide columns to students and from the grade center view, how to manually enter, delete, and exempt grades, how to provide feedback to students, and how to download grades at the end of the semester.

*Note: If you have already taken one of the above training modules, you are able to review the content again, by accessing your Transcript in Cornerstone.

5. Update Deadlines, Dates, and Materials

If you have materials in a Blackboard course site, verify the materials are up to date, links are working properly, and adjust any deadlines and dates to match the new semester’s course calendar.

6. Verify your Course Sites are Available

Blackboard Course Sites are automatically made available on the first day of the semester. You should verify on the first day that your course sites are available. If they have not been made available, you should make them available through the course’s control panel. If you have a course combined shell, verify the combined shell is available, and make the original course sites unavailable. For more information on how to make your course sites available, follow these instructions: Making a Blackboard Course Site Available.

7. Need Additional Support

If you need additional training support, the following resources are available:

Campus Instructional Designer
Blackboard Support
Blackboard Learn Help for Instructors
Blackboard OnDemand videos

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