SAFETY Reminder: Emergency Information

We hope everyone is settling into the new semester nicely. This month we are focusing on Emergency Information.

Who? Where? When?

WHO: Who do I call in an emergency?
ANSWER: CAMPUS POLICE. You can contact the police by calling:
5555 on your campus phone or
281-476-9128 from you cell phone.

WHERE: Where can I go to find a Safety Incident Report Form to report incidents to the Safety Department?
ANSWER: All of our Safety Forms are located online at You can also visit for information on other services we offer including how to become an approved driver, Environmental Safety, and our Emergency Operations Plan.

WHEN: When do I fill out a Safety Incident Report?
ANSWER: For all safety related incidents including injuries to students, staff or faculty, please fill out the Safety Incident Report and send it to Safety by email, fax, or inner-office mail. If an employee is injured, we ask the supervisor to fill out the Supervisor’s Report of Injury Form as well and contact the Safety Office. All forms are located on the Safety Website.

Please keep this information handy. Attached is our flier with the Emergency Numbers that you can print and post in your office and classroom. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Safety Office.