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What is adware, spyware, and malware?

Security threats are everywhere. The threats we are focusing on this time are the inadvertently installed applications known as adware, spyware, and malware. If you use a computer that has access to the Internet then you are vulnerable to get

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Kudos: ITS Help Desk Support

From Holly Morrison: (In response to an email from a San Jacinto College student – see below) Good Morning Deana [Rouse],

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Kudos: South Campus Welcome Center II

From Joseph Hebert: I just wanted to take a quick minute to thank you for going the extra mile to help expedite last week’s office move.  Due to meticulous planning and coordination and involvement from your area, we were able

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Kudos: South Campus Welcome Center

From Bryan Jones: Hi Rob, Just wanted to tell you how happy we are with every one of your staff helping with our South Campus Welcome Center move. Everyone, especially Larry Holley, has performed incredibly well. Please extend our sincere

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Provide Feedback Through Tech Support Online

One of the great things about Tech Support Online (TSO) is the capability to obtain feedback from employees and students regarding the content provided. Within each how-to document, there is a section available that allows users to report whether or

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Locate the Computer Name on Windows XP, Windows 7, and MAC

A computer’s name is a unique identifier that is given to each computer on our network. Computer names are extremely helpful to our techs when tickets are submitted to install or troubleshoot peripherals, software, and hardware. Below are instructions on

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Vision Classroom Tool

By Jennifer Ramsey SanJac EdTech blog What is the Vision Classroom Tool? The Vision Classroom Tool has features of controlling and monitoring the computer based classroom teaching environment. Vision allows the classroom instructor to monitor the entire computer lab/classroom activities, assist individual

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Kudos: Immediate Response

From Dr. James Braswell, Carolina [Aguilar], Thank you so much for your immediate response yesterday morning in dealing with the analysis and reposition of computer equipment form the current automotive program office following the overnight crash.  I deeply appreciate your

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Kudos: Kudos to IT

From Blanca Aracely Fife-Díaz, Kudos to IT! there is not one time that any technical, media or audio/visual requests have not been fulfilled or resolved in a timely manner. It is great to know that we have such great people

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Kudos: Compliments

From Becky Martinez, HI! I tried to find a link on our homepage to say Thank You So much! for always being there to professionally and super efficiently take care of my issues with my computer and VoiP telephone. Whether

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