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Office 2010 Quick Reference Guides

With the upcoming release of Office 2010 on office computers, here are some quick reference guides provided free of charge by, that will help you get acquainted with this upgrade to our Office Suite.

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Windows 7 Deployment to Computer Labs and Classroom Computers

Starting on July 5th, computer labs and classrooms not in use will begin to receive the Windows 7 upgrade. We will update all other computer labs starting August 15 through August 26.

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Office 2010 Installation at San Jacinto College

Technology Services has begun the process of upgrading the Office suite from Office 2003 to Office 2010. At this time, computer labs, student centers, and libraries will receive the upgrade starting May 14th and concluding on  All windows office computers …

Office 2010 Installation at San Jacinto College Read More »

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What are Follow-Up Flags in Outlook 2007?

In Outlook 2007, flagging an email or a contact makes it appear as a task in the To-Do list. This will allow you to quickly setup a Reminder and/or To-Do List.    Outlook Follow-Up Flags have controls built into your Email …

What are Follow-Up Flags in Outlook 2007? Read More »

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How to use Flags in Outlook 2007

Outlook has made it very easy to setup Follow-Up Flags. Below you will find guides on how to set up flags on Emails and Contacts.

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Check Out Videos on Follow-Up Flags in Atomic Learning

Atomic Learning, SJC’s video-based tutorial provider, contains additional videos on Outlook’s Follow-Up Flags, as well as a variety of other topics.

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