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Outlook 2010 Tip: The Grammar Check

Quite a few of us are already aware of the Spelling & Grammar tool that’s available in Microsoft Word. It’s a handy little feature for ensuring our documents are error-free and composed professionally; which leads many of us to use

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Configuring Pop-Up Blockers for the SanJac Website

Like most websites, the San Jacinto College site utilizes pop-ups when navigating the site or accessing a number of online systems. Most people don’t particularly like pop-up windows that appear when browsing the web (not to mention possible security issues),

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SJC RemoteApps Replaces Citrix

ITS has officially replaced our Citrix environment with a more stable and robust system; SJC RemoteApps. Just like the Citrix environment, SJC RemoteApps allows employees and students to utilize a variety of programs for courses and assignment completion. Available software

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Removing the People Pane in Outlook

The People Pane in Microsoft Outlook is a component of Outlook Social Connector that displays contact information and activity of an individual you are communicating with via email. Data for all persons included in an email, calendar meeting, or contacts

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Using Rules in Outlook 2010

At SanJac, faculty and staff can sift through a great deal of email in a single day. As a result, being able to sort and organize email has become a bit of a necessity for most of us. Luckily, Microsoft

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Automatically Reply to Messages in Outlook 2010

Setting up automatic replies in Outlook allows you to send automated messages to individuals who email you during those times when you are unable to respond (i.e., out of the office). Employees can utilize this feature to keep those who

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Calculating Letter Grades in Excel 2010

As you may already know, one of the many benefits of Microsoft Excel is the ability to generate and produce calculations through the use of formulas. Instructors can easily benefit from this feature by setting up a grade book within

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Organization and Productivity with Microsoft OneNote 2010

Instructors and students have a lot to do during any given semester, so being able to organize information and complete tasks is crucial to success. Contained within the Microsoft Office Suite is an application called OneNote; which can allow a

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Remove Background Tool in Office 2010

Did you ever take a picture or find a picture online that you wish you could use for a brochure, newsletter, album, etc. but wished you could remove the background image? Office 2010 brings a new feature available with most

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Insert YouTube Video in PowerPoint 2010

Have you ever been interested in adding a YouTube video to your PowerPoint? By following these simple instructions, you’ll be able to add videos in PowerPoint 2010.

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