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How to: Resolve USB-C Cable Issues

How to Resolve: USB-C Cable is not lighting up Keyboard, mouse, monitor(s), and/or mouse are not working properly Troubleshooting Steps: Unplug the power cable from the docking station Unplug USB-C cable from laptop Leave unplugged for one minute After waiting

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Windows 10 Feature Updates

Microsoft now provides Windows 10 feature updates. This allows for more timely updates that add new capabilities for us. Some features include new user experiences, increased productivity and protection against modern security threats. Microsoft’s new model of deploying change is

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Kudos: Laptop

From Shannon Solis: I wanted to share that Vincent got my math type up and running and I appreciate his help getting this done and being very helpful. Tech support I know gets a lot of calls and I appreciate

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SJC Laptop Security: Protecting Your Equipment

Laptop computers provide important functionality, allowing San Jacinto College faculty and staff to have their computing resources at hand in meetings, at home, and those who travel on College business to be functional and productive while away. Unfortunately, laptops are

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SJC Laptop Safety: Docking & Undocking

Many faculty and staff who are accustomed to having a desktop computer may find the transition to a laptop slightly challenging; especially when provided a docking station, monitor(s), and other peripherals that allow them to retain that “desktop feel” when

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Reboot, Shut Down, Log Off: What to Do When?

At the end of the day, when you’re ready to close up shop, we’re sure you’ve noticed how Windows has multiple options to choose from when following the steps to power down your PC for the day. In addition, you’ve more

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SJC Wallpaper on Computers

If you have recently visited any of the Open Labs located in the Interactive Learning Center or you’ve checked out a laptop from ITS, you may have noticed the new SJC wallpaper on these computers. If you are interested in

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