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Configuring Pop-Up Blockers for the SanJac Website

Like most websites, the San Jacinto College site utilizes pop-ups when navigating the site or accessing a number of online systems. Most people don’t particularly like pop-up windows that appear when browsing the web (not to mention possible security issues),

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A Quick Look at Temporary Internet Files

Temporary internet files, used by applications that allow you to surf the internet, contain elements of a web page and are stored on a computer for future use. Each time you visit a web site, the temporary internet files folder

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Office 2010 Quick Reference Guides

With the upcoming release of Office 2010 on office computers, here are some quick reference guides provided free of charge by, that will help you get acquainted with this upgrade to our Office Suite.

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Internet Explorer 8 is Here

On the week of May 2nd, ITS updated the version of Internet Explorer on all Windows Office Computers. We moved from Internet Explorer 7(IE7) to Internet Explorer 8(IE8). This upgrade was undertaken to address issues that have been occurring for

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