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VoIP Tip: The #1 Troubleshooting Step for Your Telephone

Because the VoIP system used at San Jacinto College is network-based, it’s possible that some employees may experience connection issues following a campus-wide power outage. Once power is restored, users may come across issues such as a missing dial tone

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SJC Laptop Safety: Docking & Undocking

Many faculty and staff who are accustomed to having a desktop computer may find the transition to a laptop slightly challenging; especially when provided a docking station, monitor(s), and other peripherals that allow them to retain that “desktop feel” when

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Technology Resources Orientation

San Jacinto College offers employees a wide range of technology resources to mediate and facilitate instruction. The Technology Resources Orientation document (opens in a new window as a PDF) provides employees of San Jacinto College an overview of technology services provided

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