Office 365

San Jacinto College enables communication, collaboration and productivity through Microsoft Office 365. Email, calendaring, office applications and other tools are provided through a cloud based subscription service. Please click on any of the links below to learn more.

About Office 365
Learn more about Microsoft’s cloud-based service.

Microsoft Office for Personal Computers and Mobile Devices
Get the Microsoft Office suite for FREE on your personal computer and mobile devices.

Frequently Asked Questions
Get the answers to some of our most common questions regarding Office 365 use at San Jacinto College.

Find out what is happening with Office 365 and when.

Latest News
Catch up on the latest news regarding release of Office 365 at San Jacinto College.

Training Resources
Find training and tutorials on Office 365.

6 comments on “Office 365
  1. Can I download 365 for a new laptop.

  2. Norma Paulino says:

    I am having problems accessing my homework assignments. It locks my computer once I open any assignments. I have a DELL Windows 10 labtop purchased in February 2017. I do not have PDF which is required; I open the Blackboard through Google.

  3. Denise Hilton says:

    Here’s a nice guide that explains the whole process step-by-step:

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