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Voicemail Quick Tips

A majority of San Jacinto College employees are provided a voicemail box that can be used to send and retrieve messages from callers. The Avaya Voicemail System provides users a variety of options when managing their messages; including options to

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Google Chrome for Business is Coming to Classroom Computers

Starting March 10th, ITS will be installing Chrome for Business in all computer labs and classroom PCs. Internet Explorer will continue to be supported at the College. Mozilla Firefox will remain available only upon request and with a validated requirement

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Student & Employee Login Access

Subject:                     Student & Employee Login Access Who it affects:          All SJC Students & Employees   How to Log into San Jacinto College Systems as a Student   Registered and paid students who have successfully claimed their account and set up

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Upcoming Changes to Software Updates on PCs

Keeping computers up-to-date, including operating systems and third party software installed is extremely important. Regularly patching and updating software strengthens the security posture of the College computing environment thus reducing the risk of system breach and data compromise.  To achieve

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Obtain a FREE Copy of Microsoft Office

San Jacinto College employees can obtain Microsoft Office for FREE! This software can be installed on up to five Windows PC, Mac OS, and mobile devices. You can use Office for free as long as you remain an active employee

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SJC Laptop Security: Protecting Your Equipment

Laptop computers provide important functionality, allowing San Jacinto College faculty and staff to have their computing resources at hand in meetings, at home, and those who travel on College business to be functional and productive while away. Unfortunately, laptops are

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What is the Clutter Feature?

Last year, Microsoft added a new feature for Office 365 customers that helps filter low-priority email called “Clutter.” Clutter is similar to an anti-spam filter as it moves less important email (based on your reading habits) into a ‘Clutter’ folder,

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Upcoming San Jacinto College Password Changes

Starting the morning of April 20th, all San Jacinto College employees will receive a prompt when logging into their workstation that their College network password has expired. At that time, you will need to create a password that meets the

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Auto-Generated Emails for Approvers

Starting April 11th, 2016, Finance will implement a new process that will auto-generate a daily email when there are outstanding requisitions, budget transfers or direct pay invoices to be approved. Both the primary and alternate approver will receive the email

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Upcoming Changes to SJC Distribution Lists

Subject: Upcoming Changes to SJC Email Distribution Lists Who it affects: All SJC Employees Details: On April 11th, 2016, San Jacinto College will be moving from manually maintained primary email distribution lists to a new, streamlined automated system. This automation

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