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Turning Send All Calls Feature On or Off

If you have a SendAll softkey available on your telephone, you can quickly and easily turn this feature on or off by completing the following steps: Press the Phone button to ensure you are on the main screen. Select the SendAll softkey. When this feature is

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How to: Resolve USB-C Cable Issues

How to Resolve: USB-C Cable is not lighting up Keyboard, mouse, monitor(s), and/or mouse are not working properly Troubleshooting Steps: Unplug the power cable from the docking station Unplug USB-C cable from laptop Leave unplugged for one minute After waiting

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Forwarding Voicemail Messages to Email

SJC Employees now have the ability to have their voicemail messages sent directly to their email. This feature allows you to see who called (caller’s telephone number or extension), date and time they called, the length of the voicemail message,

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Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection (ATP)

As part of our ongoing cybersecurity initiative to protect the College’s network, infrastructure, and clients from malware and unsafe links, Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) will be enabled for all SJC Employees on (date TBA). ATP analyzes incoming email

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Change Default “Reply All” to “Reply” (Outlook on the Web)

By default, the reply settings in Outlook on the Web is “reply all”. This may cause users to inadvertently reply to all users in an email thread when they intended to reply just to the sender. To reply or forward

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How to: Update Your Outlook 365 Photo

All photos in the Outlook 365 email database are fed from the SJC ID badge system. ITS will run a onetime bulk data load that will pull all employee photos from the ID badge system into Outlook 365. New employees

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Clean Up and Organize Your Files on the Network

When was the last time you did a little spring cleaning with the files stored on the College network? If you’re like me, it’s been a while. Quite a few of us at San Jac have a tendency to go

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SJC Laptop Security: Protecting Your Equipment

Laptop computers provide important functionality, allowing San Jacinto College faculty and staff to have their computing resources at hand in meetings, at home, and those who travel on College business to be functional and productive while away. Unfortunately, laptops are

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Error: Please contact your admin. It looks like they haven’t assigned you a license for the Office desk apps

When you attempt to download and install Office 365 on your personal device and you obtain the following message, “Please contact your admin. It looks like they haven’t assigned you a license for the Office desk apps”, this is due to your

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How to: Locate the Computer Name on a Windows 7, Windows 10, and a Mac computer

A computer’s name is a unique identifier that is given to each computer on our network. Computer names are extremely helpful to our techs when tickets are submitted to install or troubleshoot peripherals, software, and hardware. Below are instructions on

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