ITS Departments

San Jacinto College Information Technology Services (ITS) supports the use of software, computers and audio visual equipment, access to network services, telephone services, email, enterprise wide applications such as Banner, WebFOCUS and the College’s website. We are organized within departments that collaborate to efficiently support these services across the College.

Office of the Chief Information Officer

The Office of the Chief Information Officer (CIO) supports the activities of the Chief Information Officer as well as the operations of ITS departments.  The office supports the creation and maintenance of the ITS budget, budget control, payroll, and acquisition of college technology equipment, services, software, maintenance, support and supplies.  Technology standards, facility usage and construction timelines for new and refitted buildings are developed and monitored  by the CIO’s office.

Enterprise Services

The Department of Enterprise Services is responsible for enterprise-wide customer support  and applications that support the back and front office operations of the College. The department’s operations also include contact center, help desk and on-site technical support for each campus, extension center and administrative office. The applications supported by the Department include Banner, the College’s website, Axiom, Imaging systems (BDMS and Paperwise), TouchNet, Operational Data Store (ODS), APEX and WebFOCUS. The teams within this department are:

  • Enterprise Applications Team
    The Enterprise Applications team supports the maintenance of and the College’s requirements for the use of Banner, WebFOCUS business intelligence reporting and third party applications that integrate with Banner.  This includes upgrades, code integration / modification, data integrity testing and software/system documentation.
  • Enterprise Development Team
    The Enterprise Development Team supports development and maintenance of program code for enterprise applications and interfaces to third party applications.  The team also supports the development and management of the College’s website, institutional reporting to state, federal and accrediting agencies, ensuring data consistency and accuracy in reporting. They also develop web applications that can augment business office procedures.
  • Technical support
    The technical support teams are campus based . They provide onsite technical help for students, faculty and staff. These teams are responsible for ILC open lab support, classroom and facility audio visual equipment support, desktop, laptop, printer and support. From setting up new workstations to troubleshooting, it is this team’s responsibility to provide a seamless interface between the College’s IT system and the students, faculty, and staff.
  • Contact Center
    The Contact Center is responsible for providing call center and email services for students and the SJC community.  These services include 24×7 automated voice response for frequently asked questions, live agent inbound and outbound services that support financial aid, application, registration, technical support, Blackboard support, and other student services.  Included in this department is the:
  • Help Desk
    The Help Desk Team addresses day to day calls regarding hardware, software, and other  technical questions. This team receives service requests from across the district, and routes them to the proper department for resolution.

Infrastructure Services

The Department of Infrastructure Services is responsible for maintaining the software and systems of the College. This department also oversees the integrity of information technology throughout the District by providing technical management and support for IT security, servers, exchange and outlook email, student email, internet access, network components (wireless and cabling), technical software packaging and purchases for software, hardware, desktops, laptops and peripherals.  The teams within this department are:

  • Systems Administration Team
    The Systems Administration Team is responsible for overseeing the network and server outlay and accessibility. The team works closely with the other IT departments to assist in the consistent, secure availability of data for our students, faculty, and staff.
  • Communications (Network & Telephony) Team
    The Communications (Networks and Telephony) team is responsible for maintaining the backbone of the College’s networking system, including internet connections, routers, switches, cabling and wireless access.  The team is also responsible for the maintenance of the College’s telephone system.
  • IT Asset Team
    The IT Asset team is responsible for purchasing and providing desktops and laptops to the College, managing inventory levels of computer equipment and maintaining accurate records regarding hardware and software purchases, and license procurements.

IT Construction and Facilities

The Department of IT Construction & Facilities is responsible for the definition, maintenance, and implementation of technology standards in instructional and administrative facilities. Services include coordinating facility design to ensure adherence to standards and supporting the delivery and maintenance of technology in new construction and repurposed facilities.

IT Security

IT Security is responsible for protecting the College’s infrastructure from external and internal threats and that San Jacinto College complies with regulatory and statutory requirements.