SJC Laptop Security: Protecting Your Equipment

Laptop computers provide important functionality, allowing San Jacinto College faculty and staff to have their computing resources at hand in meetings, at home, and those who travel on College business to be functional and productive while away. Unfortunately, laptops are easily stolen. These guidelines address the actions that should be taken in order to minimize the risk of theft of College owned laptops.

Every San Jacinto College employee that is assigned a laptop is responsible for the security of that laptop; this responsibility is heightened when traveling or otherwise away from the office.

If a College-owned laptop is stolen or lost, the employee assigned to the laptop must immediately contact Campus Police (on-campus) or local police (off-campus), and contact Tech Support at 281.998.6137 (off-campus) x6137 (on-campus) or by email at  Provide Tech Support with the police report number, and police department contact information once it is provided; however, do not wait to contact Tech Support if you do not yet have those details.

Follow these tips to help avoid a security incident:

  • Store your laptop in a locked or otherwise secured room.
  • Keep your laptop in sight and in possession while in public areas.
  • When leaving your laptop unattended in a vehicle is necessary; place it in the trunk, a locked compartment, or otherwise conceal it from view prior to arriving at your destination.
  • Travel with your laptop in an inconspicuous bag or backpack properly designed to carry a laptop.
  • When storing your laptop in a hotel, use the in-room safe.
  • Bring your laptop with you on the plane as a carry-on item; do not check it as luggage.
  • Purchase and use an approved security lock for added assurance; however a security lock should not be relied upon as a sole means of physical security.


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