What is Firefox Sync?

Firefox Sync, originally branded Mozilla Weave, is a feature that allows Mozilla Firefox users to partially synchronize bookmarks, browsing history, preferences, and filled forms. If you use Mozilla Firefox and save bookmarks, this feature may be helpful to you as it’ll allow you to move your bookmarks over the next time there is an update to Firefox. To learn more about how to create an account and sign in to Sync, please follow the steps below:


Double-click the Firefox 40 icon on your computer.


Click the Open Menu button towards the upper-right corner and then click Sign in to Sync.


Click Get Started.


Type in your email address, create a password (it can be anything you want) and type in your age. Click Sign Up when finished.


You will be notified that an email has been sent to the email address you provided in order to confirm your account.


Go to your Inbox and click the Activate now link provided in the email sent to you.


You will now receive confirmation that your account has been verified and you are now ready to use Firefox Sync.


As good practice, any time you use Firefox, make sure you are signed into Sync so any additional bookmarks you add are saved.




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