Alert: Phishing Attempt

Subject:                     Alert:  Phishing Attempt

Who it affects:         All SJC Employees


You may receive phone calls, emails or texts that are scams.

Please treat any unsolicited phone calls or emails with skepticism.  When in doubt call the Help Desk.


The phishing scam currently received by the College is as follows:

—–Original Message—–

From: Webmail Provider [LINK REMOVED]

Sent: Thursday, October 08, 2015 4:52 AM

Subject: Attention E-mail Account Holder

Attention E-mail Account Holder,

Dear Webmail Email User. All mailhub systems will undergo regularly scheduled maintenance, and access to your mailbox via our mail portal will be unavailable for sometime during this maintenance period.

We shall be carrying out service maintenance/upgrade on our database and e-mail account center for better online services. We are also deleting all unused e-mail accounts to create more space for new accounts.In order to ensure you do not experience service interruptions or possible deactivation of your e-mail account, Please you must reply to this mail immediately confirming your e-mail account details below for confirmation and identification.


1. First Name & Last:

2. Full Login Email:

3. Username:

4 Password:


NOTE: Failure to respond to this e-mail message may result to technical problems on your Internet access and e-mail service.

We hope this doesn’t cause you any inconvenience and appreciate your co-operation.

Thank you,

Help Desk

Webmail Provider


We will never ask for your username and password details in an e-mail or by phone.

It is also a violation of the College’s IT security policy to surrender your username and password details in this manner.

Cybercriminals will use your account details to take control of your e-mail account or computer system in order to gain information.  Do not provide any personal information.

Please stay alert and aware. We will send announcements anytime an attempt is received.

If you receive other suspicious e-mails or calls that we have not addressed, please contact Tech Support.

Our contact information is:

On-Campus: ext. 6137

Off-Campus: 281-998-6137

Thank you for your help.

Date Announced:  Friday October 9th, 2015


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