VoIP Tip: The #1 Troubleshooting Step for Your Telephone

Because the VoIP system used at San Jacinto College is network-based, it’s possible that some employees may experience connection issues following a campus-wide power outage. Once power is restored, users may come across issues such as a missing dial tone or a “Discover” error message. Luckily, these issues can quickly be resolved by performing a simple reboot of the telephone.

Have you ever experienced difficulties connecting to your H: Drive or the G: Drive on your computer after a network disruption? How about when an office printer stops responding after a power outage? Nine times out of ten, the first step Tech Support will recommend is that you power off the computer/printer, wait a minute or two, and then power it back on. Essentially, the same rule applies to your VoIP phone. Just as a reboot can resolve a variety of computer and printer issues, it can do the same for your telephone.

Rebooting your office telephone is easy. All you need to do is disconnect the top network cable on the back of the telephone, leave it disconnected for about 20 seconds, then plug it back in. It may take anywhere from a few seconds to a couple of minutes for your phone to boot back up; however, once it does, the issues you were experiencing will more than likely be resolved.

IMPORTANT: If you have two cables plugged into the back of your phone, it means that your computer’s network connection feeds through the telephone. Because of this, you may experience a brief disruption on your computer when disconnecting the top cable. Make sure that you have saved any significant documents that are open on your PC before unplugging the telephone.

In the event you notice that you still do not have a dial tone after rebooting, check to see if you can successfully make/receive calls (you can do this by dialing a co-worker’s extension or your mobile phone). In some cases, we have discovered that it may take several hours for the dial tone to return, but users can still user their telephone.

If, however, the dial tone does not return after several hours, if you find that you cannot successfully complete a call, or if rebooting your phone does not resolve the original issue, please contact Tech Support for assistance.


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