New Student Password Management System Coming Soon!

On June 30, 2012, San Jacinto College is replacing its Password Self-Service System with a more robust, user-friendly application that students can use to setup and manage their San Jac account password. Powered by Identity Automation®, the new Self-Service System will provide students a simple and easy to use interface for creating or updating their password and managing their account security questions.

Major Changes

Students can expect several changes when SanJac switches to the new system.

Brand New Look & Feel

The user interface will be changing dramatically, but don’t worry; the new Password Self-Service System provides a more flexible and more organized user interface that is easy to navigate. In addition, ITS will have plenty of documentation available once we go live to show you how to use the new system.

New Security Questions

Instead of the pre-defined set of questions students are currently required to answer, we’re going with an entirely new security question schema that will allow you to create your own custom questions.

Syncing the Student Email Password

At present, students use a different password to access their student email than they do to access systems like SOS, SJC RemoteApps, or simply logging into a campus computer. Once the new system goes live, you’ll be able to sync your student email account password with your SOS password!

What to Expect on May 26th

Current students should experience little to no interruption in accessing a majority of systems as the upgrade will not impact current passwords. You will be able to continue logging into all SanJac systems as you currently do. However, there are a couple of things to note:

  • Students are encouraged to log into the new Password Self-Service System and set up their new security questions. While this will not affect your ability to log in, you will not be able to reset a forgotten password online until you have set up security questions associated with your account.
  • Your student email account password will NOT automatically sync with your SOS password once we go live. If you would like to sync your email password, you will be required to log into Password Self-Service and change your current SOS password.


If you have any questions on the upcoming changes, please feel free to submit them to the ITS Customer Care office at We’ll do our best to provide you an answer as soon as possible!


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