Enhanced Wireless Access at San Jac


ITS is currently in the process of implementing a new wireless network across the College that will extend access to a broader area and provide more secure wireless capabilities for the San Jac community.

Just as before, users will be able to access two separate networks on the new wireless system:

    • SJCD-Secure: Secured network that provides employees and students access to SJC resources. Users will be required to log in to this network with the same username and password used to access SOS or a campus computer.
  • SJCD-Guest: Open network that provides users internet access only. Anyone will be able to access this network.

ITS is still in the process of installing new wireless access points across each campus, so SJCD-Secure and SJCD-Guest are not yet available in some areas. For those areas that have not yet been upgraded, the current wireless networks are still available.

Please note that, during this transition, the current wireless networks are called SJC-Secure and SJC-Guest, while the new wireless networks are called SJCD-Secure and SJCD-Guest. If attempting to access wireless in your area you find that the available network names are SJCD-Secure and SJCD-Guest; you are connected to the new system and may need to consult connection instructions at Tech Support Online.

For information on how to get connected to the new wireless network, we have published instructions at Tech Support Online. For your convenience, these instructions have been added to the Favorites List for quick and easy access. Simply log in and check out the Favorites menu on the right-hand side of the page!


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