Remove Background Tool in Office 2010

Did you ever take a picture or find a picture online that you wish you could use for a brochure, newsletter, album, etc. but wished you could remove the background image? Office 2010 brings a new feature available with most Office applications called “Remove Background”. It has a very simple user interface and is quite easy to use. While this tool is not a great substitute for Photoshop, it will certainly get the job done with many projects.If you’d like to learn more on how to use this, please see the steps below:

    •  Click Insert
    • Click Picture

  • When the Insert Picture dialog box appears, locate the picture you’d like to use. Once you find the picture, double-click on it.


  • The picture should now appear on your screen.


  • While your picture is selected, click Remove Background.


  • Did you notice how the turtle stands out more and the background has change to purple? At this point, you have the ability of changing what is supposed to be in the background and what isn’t. I am going to make some adjustments as I am trying to eliminate everything in this picture, except the turtle.


  • You will notice that the box has been changed so the turtle fits inside of it.
  • Once you are finished making changes to your picture, click anywhere outside the picture. You should now see the new changes without the background.


*The Background Removal tab has additional functions such as Mark Areas to Keep, Mark Areas to Remove, etc. Feel free to play with those when testing this tool.

**The background removal tool is available only for documents in Office 2010 format. It is not available for documents opened in compatibility mode in Word 2010.


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