Snipping Tool in Windows 7

Articles, pictures, sections of a document – you name it. Sometimes, the easiest way to save a copy of something is to take a snapshot of your screen.

Snipping Tool captures a screen shot of anything on your desktop. You can snip a whole window, a rectangular section of the screen, or draw a freehand outline with your mouse or tablet pen. This tool also allows you to annotate, save, or e-mail the image using buttons available in the Snapping Tool window. Snipping Tool is currently only available in Windows 7. Please see the instructions below on how to start and use the Snipping Tool:

  1. Click on the Start button to open your Start Menu
  2. Click on the All Programs menu option
  3. Then click on the Accessories group
  4. Finally click on the Snipping Tool icon  

The snipping tool software should now appear, as shown below.


There are four different selection types that you can use to take a snip using the Snipping Tool. The four different types are shown to you once the down arrow to the right of ‘New’ is clicked on.


Free-form Snip: This method allows you to draw a shape around your selection using your mouse. Once the selection shape is drawn and you close the shape so there are no open sides, the snip will be created and shown to you.

Free-Form Snip Example

Rectangular Snip: This method simply allows you to create a rectangular selection around a portion of your screen and anything in that rectangle will be used to create the snip.

Rectangular Snip Example

Window Snip
: When you use this method, the Snipping Tool will capture the contents of the entire window that you select. An example of a window snip is below.

Windows Snip Example


Full-screen Snip: This method will capture the entire screen on your computer. An example of this type of snip is below.

Full-Screen Snip Example

If you would like to draw on the picture with your mouse, you can click on the Tools menu and then select the Pen you would like to draw with. If you would like to highlight certain parts of the picture, you can click on the Tools menu and select Highlighter. However, if you wish to remove anything that you drew with the pen or highlighted, you can click on the Tools menu and select the Eraser to do so. The Pen, Highlighter, and Eraser can also be directly accessed by clicking on the icons shown in the picture below.

Finally, when you are happy with how the snip will appear you can:

  • Send it in an email as an embedded image or an attachment by clicking on the mail icon () or by clicking on the File menu and then selecting Send To.
  • Save the snip as a file on your computer by clicking on the File menu and then selecting Save As. The options you have when saving the snip are as a JPG, GIF, PNG, or Single File HTML (MHT). For pictures, it is recommended to save as a JPG.


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2 comments on “Snipping Tool in Windows 7
  1. aunttammie says:

    There is no “save” or “save as” option on my snipping tool. Anyone know how to save now that the save button has disappeared from the tool?

  2. Stacy Divin says:

    Hi aunttammie,

    When you click on the “File” menu, is the “Save As” option completely gone or greyed out? Or is the “File” menu missing? Here are some alternative options you can try. If you have any questions about this or if none of the below options work, let us know.

    1.) Press Ctrl+S on your keyboard.
    2.) Click on the disk icon in the toolbar above the picture.
    3.) Right-click on the picture. There should be a “Save As” option in the menu that appears.

    Hope this helps!

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