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By Jennifer Ramsey SanJac EdTech blog

What is the Vision Classroom Tool? The Vision Classroom Tool has features of controlling and monitoring the computer based classroom teaching environment. Vision allows the classroom instructor to monitor the entire computer lab/classroom activities, assist individual computer users with tasks, broadcast one computer to entire lab/classroom or projection screen, and lock the classroom/lab computers on a blank screen. Some lab/classrooms already have Vision installed; however, San Jacinto College can also make this tool available in computer lab/classrooms upon request to

How can this improve student success in the classroom?

  • Engage the entire class. Demonstrate directly on student computers with screen-sharing technology that engages student attention, increases comprehension and improves retention of key concepts.
  • Guide student learning. Use chat to help any student through a tough problem right from the instructor’s computer or take remote control of the student’s computer to demonstrate a solution.
  • Focus student attention. Launch files, applications and web sites on student computers and block out distractions with App-Control, the Vision6 plug-in that keeps the whole class learning together.
  • Supervise student computer use. Monitor the whole classroom from the instructor’s computer. Keep an eye on web browsing, identify students who need extra help and improve classroom time on task.
  • Control classroom Web surfing. Guide or limit Web browsing with Surf-Lock, the Vision6 plug-in that gives instructors instant control over student Internet access. Apply site lists or block internet access with one click.


Training & Professional Development offers training on Vision Classroom Management.  Click here to browse the catalog and register for classes.

Understand in more detail how this tool can facilitate a better learning experience for your students with this GenevaLogic Training Presentation (37 Minutes)


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