HTTP Authentication LIBWWW-UNKNOWN Error

Following the network outage that occurred over the past week, many employees may have noticed an error message on their telephone displaying the following:

This error typically occurs due to all VoIP telephones across the College attempting to reconnect to the database, when network connectivity is restored, at the same time. Because of the high number of telephones that are trying to connect to the database and because the system is unable to re-register all telephones at once, this error is produced and may intermittently reoccur as the database attempts to register each phone.

If you experience this error following a network outage, simply select the Cancel softkey on your telephone as this should restore service. However, keep in mind that the error may appear again. If it does, simply continue to select the Cancel key to utilize your telephone. Once all telephones have been re-registered, the error will cease to occur.

If you have any questions regarding this information, please feel free to contact ITS Tech Support or Customer Care for assistance.


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