Internet Explorer 8 is Here

On the week of May 2nd, ITS updated the version of Internet Explorer on all Windows Office Computers. We moved from Internet Explorer 7(IE7) to Internet Explorer 8(IE8). This upgrade was undertaken to address issues that have been occurring for faculty and other users of the Blackboard system.  To find out if your computer has Internet Explorer 8, simply click on Help and then About Internet Explorer.

If the dialog screen that appears states that you have Internet Explorer 7 installed, but you are receiving several script error messages, it may indicate that Internet Explorer 8 has been pushed to your computer, but installation is incomplete. If this is the case, please reboot your computer as this should complete installation.

If the dialog screen shows that you have Internet Explorer 7, you are experiencing no error messages, and you are able to use the browser without difficulty, then IE8 has not yet been installed. To request installation, please submit a request to Tech Support for assistance. You can submit your request via phone, email, or at Tech Support Online.

Your computer name will be needed to process this request and your computer must be connected to the network for the installation to be successful.

 Tech Support’s contact information is as follows:
By Phone:           x6137 (on-campus) or 281-998-6137 (off-campus)
By Email:    
Web:                     Tech Support Online


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