What are Follow-Up Flags in Outlook 2007?

In Outlook 2007, flagging an email or a contact makes it appear as a task in the To-Do list. This will allow you to quickly setup a Reminder and/or To-Do List.   

Outlook Follow-Up Flags have controls built into your Email and Contacts to allow you to easily set them up. The screenshots below show all the different places Flags are located.  

When you have setup a Flag in Outlook you will be able to see them in several locations. 

Email View
  • In you Inbox or Outlook folder, you will see a red flag icon displayed to the right of an email. That red flag indicates that a flag has been set on this particular email.  If the flag is in a grey outline, then no flag has been set.

  • If you have an email open, you will see a grey Follow up bar located in the To/From/Subject section of the email that tells you the follow-up information you have created.

  • Inside your To-Do Bar, on the right hand side of your Inbox, (if the To-Do Bar is turned on) you will see at the bottom right hand corner a compiled list of all of your Follow-Up Flags. This area of the To-Do Bar is referred to as the To-Do List as it compiles a list of all of your tasks from your emails and contacts.


Contacts View 

When you set a Follow-Up Flag on a Contact, you will notice that it will show up on the To-Do Bar. However, depending on your current view of your Contacts, it may not show up on the Contact Card. The next several screenshots will show you how the Follow-Up Flags will display on your current view. 

  • Business Cards View – No flag or notification is listed on the Contact Card; however, it does appear in your To-Do List.

  • Address Cards & Detailed Address Cards View – The Follow-Up Flag is listed directly under the title of the card, as well as in the To-Do List.

  • By Category View – Follow-Up Flags are indicated in the right column of the card, as well as in the To-Do List.

To-Do List  

The last way to see all of your Follow-Up Flags from Emails and Contacts is to view them in the Task area of Outlook. You can access this area by selecting the Task icon at the bottom of the navigation column. 


The Task To-Do List window will show your Follow-Up Flags or all of your tasks.  In the far left column, each task will let you know where it came from; a contact, email or a user-created task. In the Task window you can make a print out of your entire Task List / To-Do List for review or meetings. Here is what your print out of your Follow-Up Task list. 




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