Update on SanJac's New Telephone System

ITS and Verizon are continuing to complete all necessary tasks in order to successfully transition San Jacinto College to the new telephone system.

To date, the following tasks have been successfully completed:

  • Installation of the VoIP system
  • Thorough network usability assessments and system testing
  • Configuration and upload of the SJC Directory to the new system
  • Configuration of auto-attendant menus (similar to those on the existing system)
  • 50% completion of telephone deployments College-wide

At present, we are continuing with installation of all telephones to our SJC employees and addressing handset placement issues as they occur.

Please note that the currently scheduled cutover date of 12/10/2010 has been changed.

We will continue to deploy handsets for the remainder of December and then run the new phone system in parallel with the existing telephone system during January.

We will then gracefully phase out the old telephone system and remove old telephones one campus at a time.

This approach will allow adequate time to ensure that handset placement issues are being resolved and that College services will not experience any interruptions to telephone services.

Further details regarding the exact timing for the decommissioning of the old phone system will be communicated during January.

Verizon will support our transition.  ITS will be available to address any questions. If you would like to stay up to date on the VoIP project; including status updates, key dates, and the latest news, please visit the VoIP Project Page at https://blogs.sanjac.edu/its/voip/.


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