Reminder Regarding SanJac’s Upgrade to VoIP

Our ITS Team has been steadily working with Verizon on deployment of new VoIP phones on all San Jacinto College campuses.  Delivery and installation of the new phones are still in progress and will continue through December 10th.

When your new phone is installed, you may notice that some functionality exists. However, because we have not yet switched to the new system, you will experience limited usability and access to features with the new telephone. 

Remember, San Jacinto College will not officially cutover to the new system until the weekend of December 10th. When you return to work on Monday, December 13th, all features will be available for use. Until that time, please continue to use your existing telephone.

For more information regarding the VoIP project; including status updates, key dates, new phone features, and latest news, please visit the VoIP Project Page at You can also obtain answers to a variety of questions regarding VoIP from our Frequently Asked Questions page at


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