Alert: The Latest Phishing Attempt

SanJac Employees… It appears that another phishing email has been sent to our SanJac employees. Please remember to delete these types of emails immediately and do NOT respond to them. Please refer to our “Avoiding phishing scams” note on Facebook for more information. The phishing e-mail currently being sent to the College is as follows:

From: Admin Tech-Team
Sent: Saturday, September 18, 2010 10:35 PM

Attn. User,

This is a system upgrade message from our Help Desk which checks your email usage at regular intervals.

Considering the number of our users, we are required to upgrade our email service for effective performance for the year 2010. Your response to this email is necessary and you are also required to enter your current Email username

(______________) and password (_______________).

If you ignore this alert, it will lead to your mails being forwarded to our home directory database. In that case, your mails and messages will no longer reach you and your mailbox will become dormant.

Thank You for your co-operation and for choosing us.

Admin Help Desk Team


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